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Marti & Company Graphic 2020 Trends: Non-Traditional Wedding Party Looks

2020 Trend: Non-Traditional Wedding Party Looks

Who doesn’t have a bridal party with different style preferences for their bridesmaid and/or “bridesmen” look? It’s way common to find major differences between your friends. Let’s celebrate these differences by offering inspiration and tips for your bridal party, and most of all, fun and memories for all. Plus, EPIC pictures! Let’s start with choosing […]

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I’ve always loved Mother’s Day even before I became a Mom back in 1981. There’s something about this day being just for Moms who seldom takes time for themselves, let alone most or part of a day, that makes me extremely happy. Also, I’m always up for a celebration. So let’s make this Mother’s Day […]

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Marti & Co. Holiday Gift Guide

Still lost on what to get all your loved ones for the holidays? Fret not, here at Marti & Co., we have a little something for everyone and we created an easy gift guide to help!     1) A beautiful and understated hat for your stylish friend who always has that French style sense […]

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