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Looking for Eclectic Bridal Accessories? Check Out These Stunning Finishing Touches

For our most recent shoot, we decided to celebrate The Eclectic Bride.  With the help of my friend Mette, the name The Eclectic Bride – Finishing Touches was chosen for the collection. I hope this collection brings inspiration for a look that’s ultimately your own. Read on for colorful, diverse, one-of-a-kind eclectic wedding veils, headpieces, […]

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9 Fabulous Alternatives to Wearing a Veil for Your Wedding

Hi! It really is Spring! Recently at a wedding show,  I was asked two questions “What headpiece should I wear with short hair?” and “What headpiece to wear without a veil?” These are two frequently asked questions with seemingly different answers … or not? Your headpiece is an integral part of your wedding day style. […]

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