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Rifle Paper Co. + Cult Paper

With a daughter living aboard serving in the Peace Corps and a son living halfway across the country, stationary has been become a staple in my life. But in particular, cute and witty stationary because these kids deserve the best. Luckily, stationary and paper goods has recently become a bit of a fad. So in […]

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DIY Accessory Storage

This is a way fun and easy project to complete in an hour or so. My parents remodeled the exterior of their home a few years ago. I luckily discovered that they weren’t restoring the gingerbread trim. I’ve always loved this trim and asked for it. That’s how this DIY project came about. Here’s the […]

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Timeless Wedding Accessories to Wear Again and Again

Now that you have your wedding style and your dress selected, it’s time to shop for accessories. With a few tips in hand, you’ll be ready for this next step. Tip #1: In choosing, think about pieces that are timeless, a bit nostalgic and comfortable to wear.Think about wedding accessories that you can wear again […]

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Moving to WordPress

Good bye to Blogger, it’s been fun! Hello to WordPress! I’m moving to a different blogging platform, WordPress. The Blog has a new name and address:LIFE IN CRESCO … and the address is We’re hoping to be up and going  by Nov.5. Post content will be about my life as an accessory designer and […]

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Pretty Blogging Theme

All Images in this theme are for demo purposes only and are NOT distributed with the theme.  Courtesy of Unsplash, Creative Market, and Love From Ginger and others.

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Another Post With Gallery of Images

Cotton candy halvah brownie chocolate bar applicake tootsie roll marzipan. Bonbon halvah chocolate bar cupcake tart carrot cake soufflé marshmallow. Donut carrot cake applicake apple pie jelly beans candy dragée powder topping. Jelly jelly ice cream. Lemon drops cookie sesame snaps. Donut ice cream biscuit cheesecake gingerbread. Cotton candy cupcake bonbon toffee. Gummies toffee tart. […]

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